Day 3 Tain-Mor

I awoke to a beautiful sunrise (view from my bedroom window). My hosts proved to be lovely people (i hadn’t met the lady the night before, as she was at church, when I arrived, going round the back to find her husband working in the garage) and the breakfast was wonderful.

The day started well, way off the main road, which had been getting busier and busier. It took me through quiet roads through the woods, all tarmacked, and down country lanes. I had chosen the national cycling route nr. 1 as opposed to my originally planned one, although I think it would have taken me a similar way. When I went over the bridge into Inverness I thought „only 20 kilometres to go!“ although I did know that most of that was uphill, but I was mentally prepared for that. Then i got to a busy roudabout (no way was i going to cycle on the road round that) and my sat-nav started sending me round in circles, not just round the roundabout, but fairly complicated, whete i always ended up back where i started. and I just didn’t know which way it was trying to send me. I decided to go back to routes 1 af 7, which were signposted and eventually gound a cyclist’s sighn saying „Tomatin“ which was the direction i wanted to go. In the meantime it was getting late and later. My sat-nav didn’t like the route I was taking, but I just told it to shut up! Then I came to a junction where the signs were all for places I didn’t want to go woth no mention of Tomatin, so it was back to sat-nav, which once again started sending me round in circles. I finally picked up the route it wanted, but by that time I hsd hoped to be at my accommodation and I still had the big climb. Well that proved even harder than I expected because it kept going down, when I knew I still haf yo go back up again! Also I could get no speed up on the downhill parts, due to the prevailing wind. I needed to rest, from the climb, but freewheeling got me nowhere, I just had to keep pedalling. I had to put my lights on, but it wasn’t QUITE dark, when I finally arrived St my destination at 8;30

91,9 km. (should have been 80), 1024 hm., 10:33 total, 8:04 bike-time.

I can’t quite believe this. I couldn’t have rested for 2,5 hours!!! I only had a half hour lunchbreak and went into a shop to buy cheese and anothe one to by a power bank, but I did have to keep stopping on the uphill parts…

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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  1. lovely photos – keep up the good work!

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