Day 4 Moy-Newtonmore

„Today is going to be an easy day“.

Well, it was shorter, but the part that looked all downhill had lots of ups and downs a d this wind!! There was less sunshine and more rain, albeit only brief showers but some quite heavy. I already had my rain jacket on as I had needed an extra layer in the morning. There was a biggish climb near the beginning, which proved easier than I expected with no wind. For that I took one layer off, but it had to go back on afterwards. I arrived here before 5 to enjoy a lovely hot bath and do my laundry.

I did a slight detour in the morning, as my host had recommended I go and see the loch. The othe photo os Loch Insh.

72,5 km.,759 m. climb, 6 hrs bike time, 7:06 total

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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