Less wind – hurrah!

Today was wonderful – very little wind, not much sun, but NO RAIN. The first 30 k. Were uphill, but only 200 metres and NO WIND!!; Then the rest was all downhill apart from a few little climbs towards the end to relieve the boredom. The scenery was beautiful and etre.ely varied, reminding me of England,Germany AND Austria I saw lots of pheasants in addition to all the sheep and lambs.

I have had a problem with my saddle going down for ages, but this trip had proved even worse with me having to stop at least once an hour. Pitlochesee med like a bustling little town, but I didn’t set a bike shop. I was about to go into a café to ask, when I sae a sign for tourist information. They told me thr bike shop was 20 m. further on. They put me another kind of saddle holder on and all was well. My phone-holder had bern another reason for stopping, so I just used superglue. I hope it doesn’t have to come off!

Unfortunately I forgot ymto switch my bike computer on to record, but I only left the route for about 100 metres total, so I woll give you the planned stats:

90 Km. 877 m. climb. I know that it took me 9 hours total, so going on the previous legs, I eould say 8 hrs. Bike time.

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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2 Responses to Less wind – hurrah!

  1. Lin Sharp says:

    Keep going Sue, you are an absolute star!

  2. Tracey Valentine says:

    Well Done Sue, An amazing challenge! Keep up the peddling you are doing a fantastic job and a wonderful achievement. I look forward to reading your blog 🙂 x

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