A long but good day

Today my hostess was kind enough to cook me breakfast for 7 and I managed to pack my bike up beforehand, so I was on the road at 7:45 well dressed for the 4 degrees C. It was the nicest day so far weatherwise with blue skies and sunshine, no rain at all. Whilst sheilded by the mountains, there had been no wind, but all at once or was back in full force, sometimes as a headwind sometimes from the side. I don’t know which is worse, as I got the feeling I was being blown over with my bike in one occasion.

There were two really tough climbs, that looked vertical on the afternoon profile and i had to push a couple of times, very hard on Arms, back and shoulders with all the luggage.

It was an uneventful day with less stops for adjusting saddle and phone holder, but nonetheless I didn’t arrive at my accommodation in Edinburgh until about 6.

My host offered me use of a washing machine, so I rushed to put that on and have a shower before meeting a HYL colleague for dinner. We had a wonderful evening catching up on what we had been doing in the last 4 years since doing our training together.

Tour stats for the day:

102 km., 1089 m. climb. 9:09 bike time 10:08 total

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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