To my english friends

Please donate to my cause. If you all only a £ or even less it will all mount up. I know many of you donated 6 years ago, but Macmillan is very important to me, as ill never be able to thank them enough for what they did for Mum & Dad.

You’ll find the link here on my blog,

Or you can just plege to pay me say 1p. per mile after the successful completion of my ride.

Also if anyone would like to join me for a section of my ride or just cheer me on, when I pass close to your part of the country, please contact me.

THANK YOU in the name of Macmillan!

Gesendet von meinem Windows 10 Phone

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3 Responses to To my english friends

  1. Thanks Sue – all posted on Facebook, keep it up!

  2. Berni Yeatman says:

    When do you plan to reach Lands End?

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