1 week of cycling

Day 7 Edinburgh to Carnwath

Today was an easier day, well at least shorter. I met Karl, the son of a friend, for coffee and then just had to go via the castle. By this time I was hungry already. My warmshowers host had cooked me porridge for breakfast, which I would have thought was sustaining, but I had been spoiled by all these full Scottish, which I eat without cereal or toast. I had to shop for lunchtime anyway, so I ate 2 bananas.

By the time I got away from Edinburgh it was 11 a.m. Thanks to Karl, I followed an easy route out of the city along the canal. It was pleasantly boring, although at places a bit scary, where the towpath is very narrow and cycling on the left, meant I was on the canal side when passing others with my panniers on.

When I left the canal, my sat-nav eventually picked up it’s original route, which was very varied. Sometimes it ran next to a busy road, others it was just a cycle track and others quiet country lanes where a car passed me once every five minutes. This last part however was mostly uphill, with a few dips now and again I wondered sometimes, which I preferred, this or pushing up one steep climb.

Despite a cereal bar, which I had packed for emergencies, the hunger pains just wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t until after my picnic lunch of cheese and nuts that I started to feel better. My body haf obviously been crying out for protein, although generally people say you need carbs.

It was about 5;30 when I arrived at this lovely little hotel and after a cup of tea, a long, hot shower and a little rest I had a lovely steak for dinner.

Tour stats for the day: 60,5 km., 515 m. ascent, 5:41 bike-time, 6:51 total.

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