An easy day

This morning i had a message from my sister, Janice, that she wanted to visit me, so we agreed that I should cycle to my planned destination near Gloucester and she would pick me up ib her car and take me somewhere to stay. So it was with renewed energy that I set off. My warmshowes host had kindly offered to clean Bonnie’s gears as they weren’t working properly, a thing I was planning to so myself. I obviously couldn’t refuse!

Again I let Teasi choose the route and it went really well

On the first part of the journey there were some fairly steep hills, mostly on country lanes, but it then flattened out, leading me once more on canal towpaths to Worcester. I found a loovrly spot for a picnic, by a fishing lake.The final part was again hilly, but the downhill stretches were exhilerating. On one occasion I even found myself sayind “ah, another hill to go down the other side of!

Janice met me in Quesgely and packed Bonnie, the luggage and me into her car to take us to a nice hotel we had a lovely meal of fish and chips with a good bottle off wine.

Tourstats for day 14 Blakedown to Quedgely

91,4 km. 576 m. ascent 6:40 bike-time, 7:42 total

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