Another (T)easy day

After a good breakfast, Janice took me back to Quedgley, where she had picked me up the day before. I shopped for lunch, my usual cheese, grapes and walnuts, which last me 3-4 days. By the time we had we reassembled my bike, loaded the luggage and said our fairwells, it was 10 a.m., the latest I’ve set out yet.

However it was so easy going, that I made even better time than ever. A short section of bumpy towpath slowed me down somewhat, but I really enjoyed going up and down the gently rolling hills, in full knowledge that I had harder ones to come, not only today, but within the final few days.

On two occasions I met other cyclists, who adjusted their speed to cycle alongside me on.these quiet roads and ask me about my trip.

I managed the final hills and arrived in Clevedon by 5. I had let Teasi do his own thing again and just put in the post code. With only one digit wrong, I found I was at the wrong adress and still had another 7 kilometres to do. This was flat and I soon arrived at my warmshowers hosts’ to be greeted with a nice coup of tea. While I had a shower, the man of the house cooked us a delicious meal.

Tourstats for day 15 Quedgeley – Kingston Seymour: 97 km., 599 hm., 6:50 bike-time, 7:45 total

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