Dreaming of yesterday

As usual I was up bright and early and the internet did nit work in my room. I needed to check trains etc. For my journey back to Heathrow. After washing and dressing it was still very early, so I gave Bonnie some TLC before loading and sat in the lounge to use the internet until breakfast was served at 8:30. I managed to leave by 9:15.

As their had been no English breakfast at this accommodation I had eaten bread and felt bloated, not easy for the first hills, of which there were plenty. One downhill was so long and steep that I could smell my brakes, even though a don’t hold them permanently. I was concerned they wouldn’t survive the last two days!

The first part of the journey was on quiet country lanes, but there were several segments on busy roads. They were unpleasantly loud and sonetimes quite scary. I was glad i had made myself so visible with my orange pannier covers and neon arm warmers.

Was this because I had again chosen Teasi’s easy route, with less ascent (800+ instead of 1100+)? Where was the beautiful Camel Trail? I tried to remember the beautiful tranquility of yesterday.

On one occasion I did another circle. Teasi hadn’t screamed at me, I hadn’t even heard a single “pieps”. I was sure he had been showing less distance to destination. Had i just imagined that? Then i started to recognise buildings and turnings from the first time around. This time i was most careful and found that when the road took a left turn and I with it, I should have gone straight ahead onto a smaller road. Teasi silently added another 5 kilometres and i realised where I had gone wrong.

Finally the last part between the tin mines was more like I’d imagined, with gentle climbs that I could actually cycle up and descents where I needed virtually no brakes.

I had told my hostess that I hoped to arrive around 6 p.m. On the dot of 6 I was knocking ib the door!

Tourstats for day 19 Bodmin to Hayle:

82,1 km.,840 m. ascent, 6:43 bike time, 8:19 total.

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