Peace and tranquilty

Today was most definitely the best day. After a couple of kilometres on the main road, where the “long uphill hauls” of yesterday seemed with fresh legs just like a gentle gradient, I turned off onto quiet lanes. I didn’t have a route for this segment, as I had changed my plans and was heading for Bodmin instead of Wadebridge. In the meantime I had full trust in Teasi and had again chosen the easy route, as the suggested one involved double the amount of climb.

On these country lanes where a car was extremely rare, it was so peaceful, only birdsong and the occasional “moo” of a far distant cow.

It was so tranquil that I almost cried. The serenity is indescribable in words, neither can photos or videos capture these wonderful scenes and sounds.

The climbs varied from short and steep to long and gradual, sometimes a combination of both. I pushed, whenever I felt the need and thoroughly enjoyed the descents, although I often had to brake because of bends, not knowing whether I would encounter potholes or anything else around the next one.

I suddenly realised that I was in Cornwall. There had been no sign to say so as it has been normal on this trip.

I had hoped that Teasi would take me around Bodmin Moor, but after a 1,5 km. climb and a short stretch on a main road, I suddenly found myself on the edge of it and once again peace reigned. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

The weather, which has been so kind to me the whole trip, showed itself from its best side today – the sky as blue as I have ever seen in England.

When it came to lunchtime, I only had 18 kilometres to go and I was tempted to keep going, but decided to be sensible and stoke up for whatever was still to come. That was the right decision as, although the general tendency was downhill, there were several climbs too. One descent was 14% and winding, so that I hoped my brakes would last this trip.

It had been a short segment today and I arrived at my accommodation before 4 p.m. giving me time to relax before dinner.

Tourstats day 18 Brandis Corner to Bodmin:

62,9 km.642 m. ascent 4:51 bike-time, 6:08 total

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