I made it!

I set out around nine this morning, having set Teasi to his suggested route. I found myself on the NCN (national cycle network) route number 3! I could have been following this for several days. I passed a cycle shop and popped in to ask, if the 3 went all the way to Land‘s End, which he affirmed. I decided to follow it, using Teasi as back-up, as it’s so easy to miss a sign. Believe it or not,, that’s the route that Teasi took!

It was all on lanes, quieter than ever, to Marazion Then the route went along the coastal path, with varying surfaces through Penzance and Newlyn to Mousehole. Then cane the steepest climb I have ever pushed up! After that it was back on country lanes, even more peaceful than 2 days ago. I didn’t hear a „moo“ or a „baa“, just the birdsong.

The sky was bluer than ever, not a cloud in sight and suddenly I felt myself crying and saying out loud „I am blessed, I am SO grateful, I am blessed!“

I started to pedal slower and slower because I just didn’t want this to end, but it did – with a big bang! I had contacted some people, Nigel and Thelma who live 9 kilometres away, to ask if they would be willing to meet me. Sure enough they came with a Cornish flag, bubbly and glasses. They took lots of photos, insisted on paying for Cornish pasties and took my luggage. I had my official photos taken and was given 2 for the price of 1, because it wad for charity. They also took some on my mobile! All sorts of people congratulated me and a coach driver gave me £5 for my charity.

I cycled to nigel and Thelma’s house, because they only have a small car, then Nigel gave me £20 for my charity and they took me to Penzance where I am staying overnight.

I told you a lie on Tuesday: that wasn’t the best day, today was. I just can’t believe I’ve finished it!

Tourstats: Day 20 Hayle to Land’s End:

38 km., ca. 450 m. ascent, 4 hrs.

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2 Responses to I made it!

  1. Well done Sue, what a fantastic achievement. Thank you so much for doing this epic trip. It has been fascinating reading your blog. With our very best wishes and huge gratitude.

  2. Lin Sharp Capital Appeal Director says:

    Well done Sue,what an incredible achievement! A huge thank you from all at Macmillan Caring Locally and I look forward to meeting you to thank you in person. You are amazing!

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