The day after

As I didn’t take a rest day, I spent one in Penzance.

I had all day to come back to earth, before catching the night train to Heathrow and obviously I couldn’t just sit around playing with my phone all day.

My landlady was kind enough, not only to let me leave my luggage, but also to give me a key, so I could come and go as I pleased. I had to check out of my room, but could use the internet and sit in the dining room or the garden.

However, to „kill time“ she had suggested I walk to Marazion and take a boat to St. Michael’s Mount. At low tide you can walk there, but today it was hiigh. It was over 4 kilometres to walk, then a little boat ride, then a steep climb up to the castle. I felt like an old woman as I slowly climbed holding onto the rail.

I walked all through the castle, then down the hill again to access the gardens. To see them properly involved another climb.

After the boat-ride back to Marazion, I looked at the bus tietable and decided to have lunch before catching the bus back to Penzance. Unfortunately I had misjudged how long this would take. On my return to the bus-stop I discovered I would have to wait over an hour till the next one came, so I walked again. I felt mote tired than after 90 kilometres with Bonnie and Teasi.

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