Leg 6 – The best day yet

Today was a wonderful day: nice changing scenery, (mostly) well signposted cycle routes, a few short steep climbs followed by a rewarding descent, partly on very quiet roads through picturesque villages, partly on tarmacked cycle tracks, so NO PUNCTURE. I have already ordered new puncture-proof tyres for Monday, but who knows if I will need them? There’ll probably be no more gravel). I had booked the hotel for tomorrow night through booking.com thinking I may have had my free day in Bamberg, but the weather forecast is bad again and I have the hardest part in the next couple of days, so decided to go on andI was lucky to get a room here on spec. I couldn’t change it through booking.com, so cancelled it and the worst case scenario would have been further 18 Kilometers.(according to booking.com it would have been 10). I am planning to stay 2 nights from tomorrow in Plauen, where Bonnie (my bike) will be cared for and I can have a rest and hopefully tell you a few details about mt hosts etc.
I also only caught a few drops of the rain, which would have soaked me if I’d gone on!

Saturday 26th Juliy, Memmendorf-Wallenfels, 87,92 km., 430 m. climb 6:20 bike-time

Totals to date: 530 km., 1890 m. climb, 37:32 bike-time

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