Leg 12 – Another Beautiful Day

I re-planned my route yet again. Was all the planning that I did at home a waste of time? No, the basic planning was obviously necessary for knowing where I could stay and the finer planning was useful on some days, but sometimes it’s better to decide locally. I went to the tourist information office, as I hadn’t been able to get a map for this part of the trip. A lovely middle-aged lady arrived at 10 to 9 and let me straight in. She gave me some free maps, explained them to me and came outside with me to set me off in the cycle rote. The first part was really beautiful -a tarmacked track gently undulating through the forest alongside a river. I could do over 20 kmh and didn’t need to change gear. Then I had to change cycle tracks and lost my way again . Soon back on track the next part was next to a road. As I saw a different route I took it even though I knew this meant a few extra kilometers. That was also really pleasant, but soon the signposting got worse and I lost my way yet again. Then I reached Lübbenau – a beautiful little town bursting with tourists and came to bike track signs pointing left and a diversion sign with a bike pointing right. I too the latter, but after about 2 kilometers without another sign before turning back. The last part of the run was fine apart from a bridge that had to be crossed – steps up, and a steep channel for bikes. Thank goodness there was a couple behind me who helped push my heavily-laden bike up and down the other side. My friends, Wolfgang and Gudrun were waiting for me in Lübben and I had beer AND ice before going to the hotel.

Saturday 2nd August, Spremberg-Lübbenau, 89,37 km., 71 m. climb, 5:56:36 bike-time.

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1 Response to Leg 12 – Another Beautiful Day

  1. Jan says:

    You are not saying as much but hope you are enjoying it. Now you have company with your friends it should hopefully be more enjoyable
    Thinking of you sis

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